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Flat Feet Care

Diagnosis and Treatment of All Foot Disorders

Healthy Happy Feet

Take the first steps to healthy happy feet with a visit to King Podiatry. King Podiatry provides an extensive range of chiropody and podiatry treatments to ensure the best treatment for your foot problems. Our aim is to maintain optimum foot health and, wherever possible, avoid future problems.

In addition to regular chiropody and podiatry services, the clinic also specialises in advanced foot problems including biomechanics for the treatment of foot and knee pain. We provide a range of products to help with such problems including bespoke orthotic insoles made by hand. King Podiatry is also currently working with and treating professional and academy footballers with great success.

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About King Podiatry and chiropody

Karen King graduated from Salford University with a First Class Honours Degree in 2011. Since then she has gained a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge in the treatment of all foot and biomechanical problems. Karen is state registered and also a member of the society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

King Podiatry provides a range of services at three different locations in Salford and also offers a home visit service.

Being based in a GP practice allows for easy access to antibiotics and expert medical care. She regularly liases with the GPs and nurses as necessary, should urgent medical attention be needed.

Karen places the utmost importance in developing a good caring relationship with all her patients. This she feels is an essential part of the service which she provides. From nail surgery to the treatment of professional sports men and women to the regular care of her routine patients all her treatment is patient centered.

Combining Karens experience with her caring friendly nature means that she develops close but professional relationships with all her patients which she feels is paramount.

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Little Baby Feet

Chiropody and Podiatry

You are never too young to start looking after your feet. Problems we treat at King Podiatry range from foot odour, thickened and fungal nails, ingrown toenails and arch pain; through to bunions, corns, calluses and cracked heels. We treat Plantar Fasciitis (arch pain) and other foot/lower limb pain; to specialist assessment and treatment for sufferers of medical conditions such as Arthritis or Diabetes. As well as treatments in clinic we provide home visits if required.

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Nail Surgery

Problems such as reoccurring ingrowing toe nails often require minor surgery using a local anaesthetic. We offer a comprehensive package of surgery and 6 week follow up care for our clients.


Biomechanics and Bespoke Orthotics

Everyone is unique and the way we move is unique. Sometimes it is the way we move that is the problem and can overtime trigger pain in our muscles, tendons and joints. Foot, knee, hip and back pain can all be due to the biomechanics of our feet. At King Podiatry we are fully qualified in biomechanics and provide a comprehensive service. Our Orthotics are tailored to your individual requirements, are of the highest quality and come with a five year guarantee.


Diabetic foot assessment

Diabetes can cause severe foot problems as high glucose levels can affect both your circulation and the nervous system.
This can result in a loss of sensation, called neuropathy, which means that skin damage, blisters from badly fitting footwear, ulcers and other foot problems can become quite serious before they are even noticed.

It is essential that sufferers check their feet daily for any signs of damage and also have regular foot assessments, carried out by a professional, to reduce the risk of injury, infection and other complications.

If you suffer from Diabetes and would like more information or to book a Diabetic Foot Assessment then please call us today on 07796922829

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One late evening a week available.
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Please feel free to call for an appointment or any questions regarding the service.

Sorrel Bank House

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